MT Summit IX

Workshop on MT Evaluation


Towards Systematizing MT Evaluation

Proceedings of the Workshop

27 September 2003, New Orleans, USA

(Organisers: Leslie Barrett, Maghi King, Keith Miller, Andrei Popescu-Belis)



Necip Fazil Ayan, Bonnie J.Dorr, & Okan Kolak: Evaluation techniques applied to domain tuning of MT lexicons. [PDF, 328KB]

Leslie Barrett: Considerations of methodology and human factors in rating a suite of translated sentences. [PDF, 296KB]

David Farwell & Stephen Helmreich: Pragmatics-based translation and MT evaluation. [PDF, 156KB]

Eva Forsbom: Training a super model look-alike: featuring edit distance, n-gram occurrence, and one reference translation. [PDF, 354KB]

Florence Reeder & John White: Granularity in MT evaluation. [PDF, 250KB]

Calandra Tate, Sooyon Lee, & Clare R.Voss: Task-based MT evaluation: tackling software, experimental design, & statistical models.[PDF, 227KB]