Proceedings of the

3rd International Workshop on

Example-Based Machine Translation

12-13 November 2009

Centre for Next Generation Localisation

Dublin City University

Dublin, Ireland

Edited by

Mikel L. Forcada

Andy Way




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Mikel L. Forcada    i-ii



Andy Way     iii



Josef van Genabith    v


Workshop programme      xi-xiii


Invited talk


Fully syntactic example-based machine translation [abstract]

Sadao Kurohashi  1.  [PPT presentation]


Hybrid approaches to EBMT


EBMT for SMT: a new EBMT-SMT hybrid.

James Smith and Stephen Clark.     3-10.   [PPT presentation]


Hybrid rule-based – example-based MT: feeding Apertium with sub-sentential translation units.

Felipe Sánchez-Martínez, Mikel L. Forcada, and Andy Way      11-18.  [PPT presentation]


Evaluating syntax-driven approaches to phrase extraction for MT.

Ankit Srivastava, Sergio Penkale, Declan Groves, and John Tinsley     19-28.  [PPT presentation]


Open-source EBMT packages and tools


Cunei machine translation platform: system description.

Aaron B. Phillips and Ralf D. Brown       29-36.  [PPT presentation]


FreeLing: from a multilingual open-source analyzer suite to an EBMT platform.

David Farwell and Lluís Padró      37-43.  [PPT presentation]


Lexicons or phrase tables? An investigation in sampling-based multilingual alignment.

Adrien Lardilleux, Jonathan Chevelu, Yves Lepage, Ghislain Putois, & Julien Gosme.    45-52. [PPT presentation]


Pure” EBMT


A review of EBMT using proportional analogies.

Harold Somers, Sandipan Dandapat, and Sundip Kumar Naskar      53-60.


Extending memory-based machine translation to phrases.

Maarten van Gompel, Antal van den Bosch, and Peter Berck  .   61-68.


Top-down transfer in example-based MT.

Vincent Vandeghinste and Scott Martens.     69-76.




Translation of sublanguages by subgrammars.

Julien Gosme, Yves Lepage and Adrien Lardilleux.     77-84.


Using example-based machine translation to translate DVD subtitles.

Marian Flanagan.     85-92.




Open research questions for EBMT

Andy Way


Why free/open-source EBMT? [PPT presentation]

Mikel L.Forcada


Free/open-source EBMT [PPT presentation]

Sadao Kurohashi