Proceedings of the

Workshop on

Multi-word Units in Machine Translation

and Translation Technologies

Editors: Johanna Monti, Ruslan Mitkov, Gloria Corpas Pastor

MT Summit XIV Workshop

Nice, France

September 3, 2013


Table of Contents


Invited talk: All that glitters is not gold when translating phraseological units [abstract].

Gloria Corpas Pastor 9-10.


Invited talk: On translating syntactically-flexible expressions [abstract].

Violeta Seretan 11.


Anaphora resolution, collocations and translation.

Eric Wehrli, Luka Nerima 12-17.


A flexible framework for collocation retrieval and translation from parallel and comparable corpora.

Oscar Mendoza Rivera, Ruslan Mitkov, Gloria Corpas Pastor 18-25.


When multiwords go bad in machine translation.

Anabela Barreiro, Johanna Monti, Brigitte Orliac, Fernando Batista 26-33.


Using a rich feature set for the identification of German MWEs.

Fabienne Cap, Marion Weller, Ulrich Heid .34-42.


Multi-word processing in an ontology-based cross-language information retrieval model for specific domain collections.

Maria Pia di Buono, Johanna Monti, Mario Monteleone, Federica Marano 43-52.


How hard is it to automatically translate phrasal verbs from English to French?

Carlos Ramish, Laurent Besacier, Alexander Kobzar 53-61.


Improving English-Bulgarian statistical machine translation by phrasal verb treatment.

Iliana Simova, Valia Kordoni 62-71.